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Pentavac Srl is situated into an area of 5000 square metres, 1500 of which indoor. Outside the front door there's a parking space for employees and guests. All around the building, a private road makes easier the loading and unloading for the courier services which come frequently for deliveries and collections, sometimes with trucks.
The outdoor area permits the warehousing of raw materials and represent a tough trial for the stainless steel chassis which are deliberately exposed to the elements. Inside, there is an elevated 200 square metres storehouse, codified and with a network to a special department. Soon, it will be possible to found the storehouse on-line for our customers. Beneath the storehouse are situated the commercial and technical departments. The production area is classified in three parts: the one concerning the machine workshop, with cutting and folding machines where are built special pieces or pieces which are no more for sale; the area of pre-assembling, where machines are assembled and then stocked waiting for personalization depending on customers requirements; last but not least the personalization and test area where the best specialist are at work. Capably and meticulous technicians take care of the final product and welcome the customers for the approval of the machines just before they leave the firm.


Simple and linear in its design, complete and functional in its contents, compact and strong with a very limited height: Xmotion sticks to the family feeling. But once at work, it overturns Pentavac’s standards and reveals the DNA of a sprinter. The Xmotion sounds like the wind whistling and surprises for its extreme packaging speed, challenging any loading system: multihead weighers, counting devices and volumetric fillers.


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All Pentavac machines are customized to fit customer’s requirements

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