Pentavac S.r.l. is situated in an area of 5000 square meters, half of which are indoor. The outdoor area permits the warehousing of raw materials and represents a tough trial for the stainless steel chassis which are deliberately exposed to severe weather. The pre-assembled machines are located in a dedicated storehouse near the production area. A well-ordered and wide division allows the assembly of the packaging lines and the test of the machines with the customers who check the results with their products before the machine leaves Pentavac to get to always further destinations. In fact, Pentavac has an important presence not only in Italy, but also around the world; a presence that is increasing every day, from Europe to all the continents. The company, despite the will of the two owners to become a big organized industry, does not betray its artisan origins. It preserves the idea of the customization, thanks to the careful work of its technicians.

All Pentavac machines are customized to fit customer’s requirements and
they are available in stainless steel or painted version!

Simple and linear in its design, complete and functional in its contents, compact and strong with a very limited height:
Xmotion sticks to the family feeling.
But once at work, it overturns Pentavac’s standards and reveals the DNA of a sprinter.
The Xmotion sounds like the wind whistling and surprises for its extreme packaging speed, challenging any loading system:
multihead weighers, counting devices and volumetric fillers.